God Bless!!!

Jesus loves YOU and died for YOU! Yes, YOU! No matter what you have done. Only through Him may we enter Heaven.

Stickers Wanted!!!

Please, I am still looking for many unicorn and pegasus stickers that if any of you great folks may be willing to sell or even possibly trade for. I will even purchase whole collections. Thank you.


Tripid Nebula

Tripid Nebula

Tripid Nebula
God Created The Unicorn



Saturday, January 12, 2013

My New Sticker Website Is Officially Open!!

We're having the grand opening today of our new website sticker store. Please stop in and check us out. There is even a nice sized unicorn sticker section as well. :D We will always be getting in more stickers in our new shop so please bookmark us.

Our new sticker store

Thanks! :)

Monday, December 31, 2012

WONDERFUL NEWS!!!! Please read!!!

Where have I been lately? lol I am finally in the works of setting up my own website for selling my vintage 80's and newer stickers (I'll have a whole section for just unicorn stickers) and the grand opening is only a week or two away. 

My own website (instead of eBay, Bonanza, or Etsy) means a MUCH larger selection of vintage 80's and newer stickers as well as many reduced prices throughout the store being I won't have as many seller fees. Plus, shipping on larger orders (especially the combined shipping rates) will be much cheaper as well. Especially MUCH cheaper than the shipping rate was on Etsy.

♥ Also, my new shop will be specializing in vintage 80's Great Seven brand of stickers for anyone looking to add that cool brand of stickers to there wonderful collection. ♥

When we finally are open I will be posting the grand opening on here for anyone who would like to stop in and check it out. 

Well I better get back to work, there's still so much to do before we open. :)

Thanks and have an awesome New Year!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Album Done...Again!! lol

My personal albums are now currently up to date if anyone wants to stop by my Flickr account (or just click the link on the left) and check it out. It's always continually growing but because you never know where I stuck the "new" ones coming in it may be hard to tell sometimes. Sorry about that. ;) lol Anyways, enjoy!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Flickr Uni Album Being Redone

I just wanted to say, stop in and see the new additions in my redone unicorn sticker albums on Flickr. I'm almost finally done updating everything (again)...I only have one more album left to post on there. ;) I currently have 139 pics in the Flickr album so there's much to see. Plus, I already have a few pages I need to update once more being another few more stickers came in while I was updating the old pictures. lol

And stop by in a few days to see it totally completed which is taking more time than I thought it would. lol But when I have 300+ pages of unicorn stickers in your personal collection to post, yeah it's going to take a little while. ;)

Thanks and a Happy New Year to everyone!!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Finally Finished! Whew!

Okay, it's been like 6 months or more since I have had the pictures of my unicorn sticker albums from my personal collection totally updated but I finally buckled down today and finished the 8 hour project. Whew! I can't believe it's done...or it took me that long. lol But there are now 197 pages of different unicorn stickers for your viewing pleasure. ;) And if that isn't enough I have added a link to a wonderful friend who is also as crazy about unicorn stickers. Her collection is just as amazing if not more, so please stop in and check her's out as well (Christa Hope's collection). Between both of our collections there are 362 pages of pure unicorn/pegasus stickers as well as the many pictures of ones I'm looking for for all you uni collectors out there to view. So please check out the links just to the left to see more.

My goal for this website to have all the unicorn stickers out there at least documented and pictured somewhere on here, whether in my collection, another's collection, or in my "want" list. So if you have any that you don't see anywhere on here please let me know and if you want we'll get it posted. ;)



Sunday, August 29, 2010

Welcome, welcome!

Hello and welcome to my "unicorn only" sticker blog were it's all unicorn (and pegasus) stickers ONLY. ;) I'm just starting on it so please bear with me while it's under construction here. I've decided to start a "unicorn only" sticker blog as those are my favorite stickers and I felt it fitting to create the very first one on the web for all you awesome collectors out there to use. I will be compiling as much info, links, and pics about unicorn stickers as I can fit on here...all coming soon so check back often please. Thanks!


80's vintage Boxed-In sticker

80's vintage Boxed-In sticker
artwork by Andy Mack

80's Vintage Lazer Blazers

80's Vintage Lazer Blazers
a childhood fav

80's Stuck On Stickers

80's Stuck On Stickers
my favorite booklet